Investing the Right Way for the Right Reasons

This is Ron’s first book. If you read for style and literary quality, this isn’t your book. He is not an award-winning writer and it has flaws. But there are ideas, paragraphs and whole chapters in this book that we have never seen written down on paper before! Concepts that could open doors for you today, or tomorrow, that otherwise may have taken a life-time to walk through!


When Ron shared the beginnings of his book with a good friend and Pastor, his comment was, “Ron, it just sounds too good to be true.” Ron smiled and replied, “God’s grace sounds too good to be true too… doesn’t it?” The Pastor smiled and agreed.

The Moses of Wall Street shares with you the most important discovery and the most valuable tool Ron has encountered as a full-time investor over the past twenty years. As he reveals the foundation for his Triple Tank System, you’ll encounter a proven system unlike any other available today. A system that will allow you to consistently win on Wall Street.

You may be wondering… “If this is so good, why is Ron giving it away?”

That’s a great question and the answer is really simple. As a father, one day a thought hit Ron really hard as he considered his children, “What if I was hit by a bus or became ill and died before I can pass on what I’ve learned to them?” That thought, and the horrible feeling that followed, prompted him to document his system. The result is the book, The Moses of Wall Street and The Triple Tank System, which were born out of love for his children.

To his surprise, as he was going through the process of researching and documenting his system, he heard God say to him during his prayer time. “Ron, if it’s good enough for your children, it’s good enough for all my children.” The mission to share this message with the world was born.

Ron Tank first gained national attention and recognition when he was profiled with his brother in Investor’s Business Daily after submitting his astounding gains. These were “real-world” returns verified by Investor’s Business Daily.

Ron started investing with only a few thousand dollars, turned it into millions, only to almost lose it all. Then God rescued Ron and put him back on the path to living abundantly. How? God revealed a secret in the Bible, hidden in plain sight… the “Decision-Maker DNA™.” You won’t believe how simple, yet powerful, it is!

The book is “Where the Bible Meets Wall Street” and it simplifies the stock market.

It reveals how you can eliminate risk and maximize your gains using YOUR Decision-Maker DNA. The proven investment strategies you’ll discover will help you become the investor God wants you to be. This book is unlike any “investing” book you’ve ever read. Ron Tank shares his personal story of faith and finances. He shares how the Bible simplifies the stock market and a secret hidden in “plain sight” that can help you invest with confidence and eliminate your risk.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to investing and have a few thousand dollars or have decades of experience and many millions to invest, you’ll benefit tremendously from Ron’s proven strategies and practical wisdom.

In this book you will learn:

● Why God Wants You to Be an Investor
● How to Recognize Your God-given Decision-Maker DNA
● The Triple Tank System™ and How it Eliminates Risk
● How to Profit 25% to 75% or More in Just a Few Months
● The Ten Commandments of the Successful Investor
…And so Much More!

Learn How You Can Start Investing The Right Way For The Right Reasons™