How Do I Invest In Stocks…

One of the Biggest Questions Most Investors Face Is… “How Do I Invest In Stocks?”

If you are an investor who has been frustrated by the news, the talking heads and all the experts with their conflicting theories of why the market is up or down on any given day. If you are tired of sitting and staring at a computer screen for hours before heading off to work or after a long day at the office. If you have trouble going to sleep at nights worried about securing your retirement and taking care of your family.

Then you owe it to yourself to learn more about How To Invest In Stocks in a powerful and positive way.  So many people have FEAR around the stock market and managing their own investments.  Fear of the unknown, Fear of knowing when to Buy.  Fear of knowing what to buy, Fear of missing the time to exit because of some stock market crash or major news event.  Fear that investing in stocks is just like gambling, except at the casino they at least serve you drinks.

If you have ever had any of these things going through your head, you are not alone.  This is normal for people that think about investing in stocks which is why I made my calling to teach people not only how to invest, and the mindset you need to become a bulletproof investor.

It is because of situations like this that I wrote my Book The Moses of Wall Street. And I want to offer you a FREE copy of my book plus a bonus audio “The Bulletproof Investors Mindset.”

Why would I do this?  Because I can.  I’ve been very fortunate in my life and it is my time to give back.



People keep trying to use the same old methods and indicators that aren’t easy to use and don’t produce consistent results? Many people have a dream of financial independence, providing a good life for their family and a secure retirement… but look at their 401K wondering when it will become a 201B at the next downturn.

The average American will never be able to fully retire.

The person raising a family is wondering how they will provide for their family, educate their children and enjoy their retirement years comfortably.

The person at retirement age is gripped by fear that one stock market downturn could wipe away their life savings and they will spend their golden Years greeting people at Wal-Mart.


I grew up in a small “hill jack” town in Ohio. I’ve never worked or even visited Wall Street. For the past 22 years, investing in the stock market has been my life and how I supported my family. I wrote my system down for my children, and God called me to share it with all His children and that’s why I wrote my book.

Many of us open our Bibles on Sunday morning expecting a spiritual gain, but to some, if those same pages were to also lead us to a financial gain, it would somehow be immoral, almost illegal.

I believe, when it comes to investing and our financial house, the Bible is the single most important book we can trust and use.  I was fortunate enough to discover principle in the Bible I use everyday that allowed me to create the life I have today starting part-time with only $3000.

What really matters most is the life it allows me to live a life of freedom, a life of service and obedience.

There are some big moments that I’m incredibly grateful for, like having the freedom to buy 400 acres of undeveloped land that my family and I immerse ourselves in every chance we get, and creating my own private 5-acre lake there to enjoy fishing with my kids.

A life that allows me to enjoy even more important areas of life, like attending my kid’s school and sporting events, and time to prepare for and teach Sunday school each week, and the ability to provide monetary support to causes my family and I believe in, like Compassion International, Wounded Warriors and the AWANAS program for kids.

This is my family – my two children, Wyatt and Ava, and my wife Sheryl. My kids are the reason I wrote the book and my wife’s support was key to finishing it and being here today.”

A few years ago, Investors Business Daily Wrote a Feature Article on My brother Dave and I. They verified and documented my results and I didn’t think about it much back then as my number one joy is my family.  Yet all of this now is an inspiration to share what I learned so that so many others have the opportunity to learn what I have and use in their daily life.

I WANT YOU HAVE THE BOOK ON MY AS LONG AS YOU WILL HELP COVER THE COSTS OF SHIPPING. And If you don’t like what you read I’ll give you 100% of your money back.  Is that more than fair.

FEAR.  FEAR is what grips most people and it is paralyzing.  FEAR prevents us from making the right decisions at the right time.  Buy and Hold for the long term sounds good, but truly works because many people get in their head and this prevents them from making decisions based upon principles that work time and again.

Decisions like:

1. WHAT to buy

• Learn how to SORT THOUSANDS OF STOCKS in minutes.
• Use a chart to confirm a stocks ability TO GO UP IN PRICE.
• MY SPECIFIC SELECTION CRITERIA for identifying the very best stocks.

2. WHEN to buy

• DISCOVER and use your Decision-Maker DNA to make better choices.
• Learn how to IDENTIFY THE TRIPLE TANK PATTERN in any stock or index.
• Know the EXACT RIGHT DAY to buy when you spot the Triple Tank.

3. WHEN to take your profits and exit?

• How to know if the STOCK MARKET IS HEALTHY and trending up, or unhealthy and declining.
• Learn the keys that will tell you WHEN A STOCK IN ENCOUNTERING MEANINGFUL TROUBLE.
• AVOID THE #1 MISTAKE most investors make!

What many People Think:

•  The stock market is an exclusive club where only a few wealthy people profit.
•  Stocks that go up must come down.
•  Fallen stocks must go back eventually.
•  A hot stock  tip means go.
• Stock market forecasts are reliable.
• You need a lot of money to make a lot of money.

Here’s what I know.

These principles that I now call “Bulletproof Investing” changed my life. I use them every day to CONSISTENTLY WIN on Wall Street. I’ve written down in my book everything I have learned in my 22 year long journey as a full-time investor. If you want to save yourself years of pain, trial and error…why not leverage my experience and start by reading my book? It could catapult you years ahead…

Investing the Right Way, for the Right Reasons,

Ron Tank
“The Moses of Wall Street”
Investor, Author, and Sunday School Teacher

PS. I grew up in a small “hill jack” town in Ohio. I’ve never worked or even visited Wall Street. For the past 20+ years, investing in the stock market has been how I support my family. If a small town guy like me can do this I believe you can too!

The process in my book is a formula, and the formula has worked amazingly well for me, but I cannot promise it will work for you because I don’t know you but I would love to help you and hope my book will be the starting point.

I Must Warn You:

• This is NOT a “get rich quick” system.
• It’s not a “get paid to do nothing” program.
• This is not like any investing program on the market today.
• My results are NOT typical. In fact, they aren’t even remotely typical.
• And I will be mentioning God and the Bible throughout the program.

This is For Those Who:

• Are conservative investors and willing to follow very specific rules and guidelines.
• Want to minimize risk and maximize your gains in the stock market.
• Are anxious to discover how the Bible is your best blueprint for success.
• Will be… Investing the Right Way, for the Right Reasons!

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to investing and have a few thousand dollars or you have decades of experience and many millions to invest, you’ll be surprised I believe there is something for everyone in my book

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