Interview Questions

How did you go from investing to ministry?

What does God have to do with the stock market?

Are you concerned people will think this is a gimmick?

How is “Bible-Based Investing” different from other investment methods?

As a Bible believer, should I be an investor?

What are the characteristics of “the successful investor”?

How is investing in the stock market different from gambling?

What should I study in the Bible that can help me become a better investor?

This sounds too good to be true, is it?


Is there really a secret Biblical strategy for annihilating risk and winning as an investor?

What does the Bible really say about money?

When it comes to investing, how do hope and faith differ?

What are the three biggest mistakes beginning investors make?

What are the three biggest mistakes professional investors make?

When it comes to investing, isn’t risk something we have to live with?

If you were back in high school or college, essentially starting over, what would you do?

Are most people born to be successful investors or are they made?

If the Bible and faith play such a large role in investing, how should an investor pray?

How do I keep myself from loving money too much?

I’m afraid of becoming involved in a scam. Are there scams in the stock market? How do I spot them?

How would you distinguish hope from faith?

How do I know if I’m being hopeful or getting greedy?

How would you define risk?

Is there ever a time I should follow my (fearful) gut instincts in the stock market?

The market proves through historical occurrences the need for three corrections over a period of time, market bottoms are real after 3 drops, why?

How is the “Triple Tank” different from other investment theories out there?

Can you explain the indexes? What are they and how are they different from one another?

Are trading on indexes and individual stocks different? How so?

Where does my money go when I buy stock?

Where does my money come from when I sell stock, and how do I get it?

What’s the best first investment to make if I’ve never invested stock before?

Since the market appears to recover and rally after a Triple Tank, why not just stay in the market all the time?

Is there a way to practice trading, which won’t cost me real money?

Does this work for day trading?

How much time will this require of me daily? Weekly? Monthly?

How can you tell if something is worth an investment to begin with?

Should reading the news each day inform my decisions about my investments?

Does the average American with a full-time job have time for informed investing?

How do I know if investing is for me?

How much income do I need to begin investing?

How do investments affect my taxes?

How should I choose which companies to invest in?

What are the three biggest benefits of using the Triple Tank?

If you were back in college, essentially starting over, what would you do?