cornel-rigby-200I wish you wrote this book 15 years ago! Thank you for writing such a simple yet powerful investing book. May God continue to bless you in all you do! I found it to be intensely insightful without a page of meaningless babble. You provided proof for your system and in doing so also offer hope and encouragement. You presented an honest, credible book that explained how to make money using the markets. More importantly, you reveal the purpose and provider of money. While sharing sound financial principles that will last a life time your message of God’s grace will last forever!

–Cornel Rigby, MBA, North Carolina

Leeland-DoughteryIn my opinion, Ron Tank knows more about investing in the stock market than any investor I have ever met. More importantly, he teaches and shares that information with anyone who is willing to learn. When Ron Tank speaks and teaches about God or investing, I listen very carefully. Because of his willingness to share his knowledge, my peers and I have received great dividends.

–Lealand D. Dougherty, Deputy Director Department of Defense (Retired)
Information Technology Service Organization

dean-white-headshotGreat Read. Very well written. A true story of redemption and God’s abundance. Ron Tank shares his personal story of loss and reaching out to God for help. Through his challenges Ron remained faithful and God allowed him to see a new way to invest in Wall Street. The outcome was significant financially and spiritually. Now, through this book, Ron Tank shares the message God gave to him to show others a specific way to invest in the market that aligns with a principal God has shown throughout His Word.

–Dean White, CA (former Associate Pastor, Saddleback Church)

Cassidy-Boardman-200My first trade I gained 32.9% in about 7 weeks! For me, this was exceptional considering I had just opened the door to the stock market and had been studying only for a few weeks.There are several other recent winners that I can attribute to Tank’s coaching and direction. He has made a believer out of me, and I hope that you will allow him the opportunity to do the same for you.

–Cassidy Boardman, Oklahoma

Shannon-200What a fascinating read—I was never really into ‘playing’ in the stock market, just wasn’t my thing. It just seemed really complicated, cumbersome and a lot like gambling. This book truly got me very interested and a bit excited on how I could possibly start to ‘play’ in the stock marketing with Ron’s guidance. Definitely pick this book up if you’re interested in discovering how you can succeed in the stock market – thanks Ron!

–Shannon M. Mccaffery, NJ


The Triple Tank System is priceless! I couldn’t believe anyone could put this much effort into doing it “right.” This is something which I can use to educate my kids when they get older. This will be the last book or system you will ever purchase.

–Dale, Iowa


This book will change the way you invest forever. This book is powerful. Ron Tank’s success alone has been inspiring. The stories are awe inspiring and you’ll learn more about investing, than you knew before reading this book. Pick up a copy for you… and one for someone you truly care about.

–Keith Leon, Vermont


What an amazing way to share Christ with people. It is truly unique. Just thought I’d let you know.

–Brent A. Bathurst, Jacksonville, Florida


Just an update for you Ron. I sold ABMD at 92. Bought it at 73. 26% gain, not bad.

–Brett Goldstein, New York

More Praise for The Moses of Wall Street…

 I have never met you personally Ron but I want you to know, this is life changing for me. This will forever change my life and the things that I will be able to do not only for me but for people who need it. I am just now working my way into learning about how the stock market works and how to properly do short term investing as well as day trading and this book that Ron has wrote is absolutely incredible! I can promise you this is probably the best read for the stock market that there is. It is so tied to God and the Bible that it will honestly blow you away and bring you closer to God if you choose that and I absolutely love it. So if you really want to hear an honest and down to earth person talk and explain the market then you really don’t need to look any further. Ron is probably one of the most honest people in the stock market and he is truly a great guy.

–Tony Rigsby, 26, West Virginia

Ron Tank hit a home run with the publication of his book, “The Moses of Wall Street”. He uses biblical principles to explain how to become successful in the stock market. This is a book I would highly recommend. His priorities are “rock-solid” along with his results.

–Michael Thornton

After reading your book, I purchased your home study course and I took a look at GBP/JPY pair on a weekly chart and I think I see the triple tank in its uptrend. I have a buy trade going on now and I am up 304 pips.

–Richard Wing, Currency Trader, New York

I have overcome my fears about investing and winning in the market and now I’m on my way! Ron has helped me to apply valuable principles. I am grateful for his advice on how to successfully invest in the stock market. And my son Scott and I are learning your investing system together. Spending more time with my son happens to be one more answered prayer in my life.

–Mike Parry, OH  (Retired Entrepreneur)