What The Wealthy Teach Their Children About Investing

Cambridge, Ohio

From: Ron Tank

RE: What The Wealthy Teach Their Children About Investing

Dear Friend,

What if I told you, that right now…  Hidden within the pages of your bible, is the key to unlocking and decoding how to win big in the stock market? What if I told you that this same biblical secret could also reduce or even eliminate your risk of loss when investing?

And what if I told you, many good Christian’s just like you, are earning a full-time living trading stocks – without risking their wealth, health or moral principles while actually becoming good stewards of their money as God says in Matthew 25: 14-30.

It may sound hard to believe, but you will be able to look right in your Bible and verify it for yourself.

It can only be 100% true or 100% not true.  Right from the Bible it is 100% true! (And I’m about to prove it…)

First, let me tell you my story of the financial miracle God worked in my life, (and I believe he is calling me to work in YOUR life as well.)

Hi I’m Ron Tank.

I’m writing to you today for one reason only… Because I believe I’m being obedient to the calling God has placed on my life.

If it were up to me, I’d rather be reading my Bible, spending time with my family, enjoying the great outdoors, teaching Sunday School or focusing on my own investing. However my faith has lead me in another direction.

You Could Say I’m Living the American Dream…

I have a beautiful wife, two young children, a daughter Ava and son Wyatt. We’re building our dream home on 400 acres. My success in investing has given me the freedom to spend my afternoons fishing and enjoying watching my children grow.

So with such an idyllic stress free life you may be wondering why I have taken the time to write you this letter and that brings me back to the calling from God that I mentioned earlier.

You see one day…I got to thinking about my children, what if I got hit by a bus or became ill and died before I could pass on what I’ve learned to them?

So, I started documenting my investing system, writing everything out. The end result is my book “The Moses of Wall Street” that shares the amazing story of what God revealed to me about the stock market and how he has allowed me to prosper from understanding how to apply Biblical principles to investing.

Then as I was going through the process of researching and documenting my system I heard God say to me during my prayer time “Ron, if it’s good enough for your children, it’s good enough for all My children.” And my mission was clarified and expanded further than I ever thought it would be and this is why I am writing to you today…because I feel God has called me to share this message with you.

I’ve heard there are three things you should never discuss in public: God, money, and politics. Well, I promise I won’t talk about politics. When I shared the beginnings of my system with a friend and pastor, his reply was, “Ron, it just sounds too good to be true.” I smiled and replied, “God’s grace sounds too good to be true too, doesn’t it?” He smiled and agreed.

Whether you have a few thousand dollars and are new to investing or millions of dollars and decades of experience, you’ll benefit tremendously and be surprised at how this system simplifies the stock market and eliminates risk.

Because I Believe God Has Truly Called Me to Share This System With Not Just My Children, But All of HIS Children…

I am about to share with you the most important discovery and tool I’ve encountered as a full-time investor over the past twenty years. You are about to discover a proven system unlike any other available today that I believe will allow you to consistently do very well in the stock market too. It is the first to combine Faith and Finances and is rooted on solid Biblical principles.

You may have heard an expert or two on television telling you that timing the stock market in the short term can’t be done. Even Warren Buffett admitted he can’t, and he doesn’t believe that anyone else can either. But I say you can, and I’ll show you exactly how I do it every day based on the principles I discovered in the Bible.

I’ll show you a secret that is hidden in plain sight, revealing your…

God-Given Decision-Maker DNA…

You’ll be shocked to find that we have a common trait, and that it is the key to success when it comes to investing. It provides the foundation of The Triple Tank system, which allows us to get into the stock market at just the right time, eliminating risk and maximizing profits.

The Bible talks more about money and personal finance than any other subject, in fact research has shown over 1800 times. Contrary to the popular myth that money is the root of all evil, the Bible actually tells us in 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil [emphasis added].” Loving money can lead to all sorts of bad things, but money itself is a wonderful tool. It can help build God’s kingdom, provide for our families, and allow us to live fun and rewarding lives.

The goal of this system is not only to inspire and prosper you financially, but also to draw you nearer to God. I truly hope this benefits you spiritually even more than financially. Being a successful investor is a good thing; being rich in God is even better. After all, money is important, but it’s not more important than God.

The Biggest Problem for Most Investors is Finding a Reliable, Proven System That Will Help Them Eliminate Risk and Maximize Their Gains Consistently.

But first let me tell you how with God’s help I became unusually successful as an investor.

I first began investing back in 1990…

Like all investors I had some ups and downs, a few big wins and a few big losses. However after much study, trial and error I began having some modest successes. (By the end of 1993 I was able to turn my initial $3,000 into a little over $15,000)…

I Began to Feel Deep Down in My Heart I Was Finally on The Right Track…

In May of 1994 I married my beloved Sheryl and my dreams of building a bright future for my family took on a much deeper meaning. My stock market experience was telling me I could do better if only I had more time. The additional time would allow me to do better research and I would be able to monitor prices in real time. Investing full time became a real ambition and dream.

• I wanted a better life for my family.

• I wanted more time to enjoy the great outdoors.

• I wanted to escape my dead-end job.

• I wanted to have more time and freedom to serve the Lord.

In early 1995, I was sitting in the Kroger parking lot one day eating lunch in my truck listening to the radio and thinking about investing full-time when a voice came across the airwaves (the airwaves only I could hear). I’m sure it was the voice of God, whispering, “It’s all right.”

I remember thinking: Was that you, God?

Just moments earlier, I had thought about wanting to leave my job and invest full-time.  The thought of quitting my job was both exciting and scary. I would only make money if I could invest wisely.

Even with God’s assurance, I couldn’t help but think: How could this be right?

I had spent the last five-and-a-half years working at a “secure” job with okay pay, good benefits, and paid vacation. Before that, I had spent four-and-a-half years in college, going into student loan debt and working hard to graduate with honors. I had invested ten years of my life into this career.

Now,  I was considering  walking  away  and  going  in  a  completely different direction?

But I was sure that God had just given me the thumbs up, sitting right there in the Kroger parking lot.

Now, the big question was: What would my wife of less than a year think?

As we sat in the back room of our little rental house one night and discussed what it would take for me to start investing full-time and for us to live on only Sheryl’s salary, we wrote down all of our expenses and added them up. Sheryl’s take-home pay was equal to our expenses minus what we normally spent on birthday presents and Christmas.

If I took this leap of faith, money would be tight.  Very tight…

However, I felt certain that God had listened to and answered my prayers.  He had given me the go-ahead, and He knew our situation. Still, as I sat looking at the list of our yearly expenses, my eye caught one “cost” that  had  the  potential  to  save  a  lot if  we  simply stopped paying it.

What would you guess it to be?

Shamefully, it was our tithe. I remember looking at Sheryl.

The  look  on  her  face  said,  “Don’t  even  go  there,”  and  we committed to remain faithful.

We both agreed:There was no way that we were going to stop tithing or even cheat a little, even if it meant we had to cut back somewhere else where it would hurt.

I’m  glad  we  made  a  good  decision  and  remained  obedient. Although  I  can’t  prove  it,  I  firmly  believe  that,  had  we  not honored  God  with  our  tithe  at  that  point  in  time,  the  future would not have developed as it did.
In July of 1995, it was a surreal moment as my brother, Dave, and I sat down together in the back room of his house.

Dave had been investing full time for about nine months, and until now,  our  communication  had  been  limited  to  lunch  times.  It was exciting, getting up every day, anticipating great things, and  being  free  to  make  decisions  that  would  have  a  direct impact on our future.

From  here  on  out,  we  were  both  full-time  investors.  I  still remember  the  excitement  of  those  first  few  years.  From  1995 to  1998,  I  made  some  and  lost  some,  but  overall,  I  made good progress. I learned a lot about my opinions and emotions, how they were interfering with my results, and how very important the overall stock market and its direction were.

I also learned that I had the ability to spot a winner at the right time. I just needed to pull it all together. I believe I started near seventeen or eighteen thousand dollars in 1995. That money had grown from about three thousand in 1991.

The Big Leap Came In The Fall Of 1998…

Sheryl and I had added some additional money to our stock account, providing around forty thousand to start 1998.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Within 36 months of saying that prayer in the Kroger parking lot I had turned our $40,000 to over $2.2 million dollars!

Our investing results were so successful that in 2001, we were featured in William O’Neil’s Investor’s Business Daily newspaper on the “Smart Investor” page, where they shared our story.

Dave had earned 1,820 percent, and I had posted a gain of 3,460 percent. (My gain was actually 5,000 percent because I had also withdrawn $500,000 dollars from my account during that time period, that they didn’t include in my total gains.)

As amazing as it sounds…my results seemed “to good to be true” and had I not experienced it myself, I would have had a hard time believing it. But it is true…I lived it!

My results may not be typical however as you continue reading, be aware that you won’t find much here that is typical. The subject matter is not typical and my results are definitely not typical.

(And just in case you are wondering how I’ve done recently in 2016, I earned returns between 97-390% on individual trades over the last six months of the year, while the S&P gained 6.6%. In fact, the Triple Tank has a great track record of beating the S&P. for example starting January 1, 2015 to June 12, 2015, thirty three Triple Tanks stocks outperformed the S&P by a whopping 1517%, these stocks averaged a 27.59% return over this 5+ month period,
while the S&P posted a 1.7% gain over the same time period.

One of my best short-term wins ever happened in 2014, when I netted a gain of 1,124 percent in just seventeen days when $58,000 grew to over $720,000.)

It may sound too good to be true and I AGREE. 

I would have a hard time believing this if it hadn’t personally happened to me.  You might also be thinking that I am lucky but it’s not luck, it’s a skillset, and a mindset that are both built on a rock solid biblical foundation.
I believe that by acquiring this skillset and mindset it will help you be a better steward of the money that God has entrusted to you and that one day you too will hear “Well done my good and faithful servant” as you read in Matthew 25:14-30.

In today’s world of limited time and information overload, with so many experts promoting their “so-called” systems, it is easy to get paralyzed and do nothing. However, the cost of doing nothing is expensive and with wages stagnant, interest rates at near zero, finding a reliable way to grow your money is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible…until now.

If you are an investor who has been frustrated by the news, the talking heads and all the experts with their conflicting theories of why the market is doing what it is doing, when they really don’t know. If your results are suffering and you feel like you are just treading water to stay even or worse yet you are losing money on your investments.

If you are tired of buying expensive, hard to use software or staring at your computer screen for endless hours per day before or after a long day at the office. If you are having sleepless nights worried about securing your retirement and taking care of your loved ones.

Then you owe it to yourself and your family to learn more about my Triple Tank System and how it can help you move forward in a powerful, positive way but I must warn you this is not “a get rich quick” program, this is not for “day traders” this is for conservative investors who are willing to follow very specific rules and guidelines that can eliminate your risk and maximize your gains from investing in the market.

Fair Warning:

∙  This is NOT a “get rich quick” system. It’s not a “get paid to do nothing” program.

∙  This is not like any investing program on the market today.

∙  My results are NOT typical.

∙  In fact, they aren’t even remotely typical.

∙   And I will be mentioning God and the Bible throughout the program.

I don’t intend to preach at you, though. Or promote a “Give to Get” Gospel…That’s NOT What my Faith Has Taught Me!

I don’t believe we can earn our way to heaven, and when it comes to how we live our lives, we all need to remember money is important, but NOT more important than God!

Because the Bible teaches us that God wants us to be good and faithful stewards who diligently invest and increase the good things he gives us. Including money! (Matthew 25:14-30)

As you may already know, the Bible mentions money over 1800 times – more than any other subject. So it’s probably safe to assume God wants us to understand how to use this tool called money.

And in a moment, I’ll share with you how the Bible provides the most powerful method known for mastering the Stock Markets and becoming a wise and disciplined investor who follows the example in Matthew 25 to multiply what God entrusts you with.

INTRODUCING: The Moses Of Wall Street.

My newly completed book that shares the Biblical Principles for Bulletproof Investing that I use everyday when investing my own money.
The book will introduce you to my Triple Tank System for Investing in the Stock Market, the one deadly sin you must avoid to be a successful investor and the secret to becoming the good and faithful servant…

AND I WANT TO GIVE IT TO YOU FREE! (if you’ll pay a nominal shipping and handling charges)

When you take the book for FREE, all I ask is that you cover nominal shipping and handling costs of delivering it to your door.

When you TAKE THE BOOK AS MY GIFT,  I want to give you a few more things for FREE that will help you be a better investor and steward:

•  A Instant Digital Download Copy of “The Moses of Wall Street.” – The Biblical Investors Playbook

•  Investor Mindset Audio Program – How to think like a successful investor.

•  Triple Tanks Stock Update Special Report – 33 Stocks that crushed the S&P 500

•  Three 4 Exclusive Investor Training Videos that I created for my PRIVATE Clients

•   The Bulletproof Investing Masterclass (It’s Bulletproof Because Of The Bible).

Now I will allow you instant access to the Investing Masterclass and bonus items above right away so you can dig right into the information, while you wait for delivery of your book.

The Bulletproof Investing Masterclass is a Full 76-Minute Training that contains the exact same principles included in the book I wrote for my children, it brings the book to life and shows you the principles in action in the stock market.

I will share everything you need to know about this system. It is as simple as counting 1,2,3 but it is not easy to implement unless you follow the specific guidelines and rules for engaging the market while managing your mindset. It is a holistic system that is designed to provide you with both a great tool for knowing when to invest and how to remove damaging emotions that are the cause of most investors failures.

Why Am I Giving All Of This To You?

I never thought that I would reveal this system publicly, like I told you earlier when I first started it was only going to be for my children and family but God had another idea.

Knowing I was going to tie God in with a system for investing I also knew going in there would be doubters and people who accuse me of using God to make money I invested a DECADE of my life to research, literally thousands of hours documenting this system and with lots of prayer and reflection I am moving forward.

I firmly believe that God wants all of his children to live abundantly and He’s provided a way and a mission for me.

Honestly I struggled at first with this big mission, but I am trusting that He is guiding my steps here and wants you and all the members of His family to have this system to help build his Kingdom here on Earth.

It is my hope and belief that as your abundance grows you will tithe and make offerings that will make this world a better place for all God’s children.

My book along with the FREE Investing Masterclass will guide you to a thorough understanding of what God has revealed to me in both scripture and through investing that makes this program worthy of your most precious asset….your time!

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Here’s What You Will Discover When You Read
The Moses of Wall Street

The 3 things every investor MUST have to be successful in the stock market.

1. A Proven System – The biggest thing every investor needs is a proven method, something that you know works and is proven.

2. Rules of Engagement – You need to have rules and guidelines that will help you apply the proven system.

3. Mastery of Yourself – The ability to manage your emotions of fear, greed, pride of opinion, ego and faith.

Are successful investors born or made?

Investing is a skill and I think anybody can do it. I mean I grew up in a little hill jack town in Southeastern Ohio and I didn’t have anybody helping me. Anybody can do it if they want to, I honestly believe that. You must be willing to learn and you must start with the mindset that “Failure is NOT an option!” You will have some losses along the way, that’s part of investing but you only lose if you quit.

The amazing secret revealed in the Bible that can help you time your investments.

The Bible has over 1,800 references to money and personal finances and one MAJOR secret hidden in plain sight that will change the way you invest forever!

You Will Also Learn…

  Wall Street: Investing or Gambling?

•  Should a Christian be an investing in the stock market, isn’t this gambling? Here’s the simple answer and where you can find it in your Bible.

•  The Biblical foundation that led me to understand that as Christians we’re all called to be good stewards of all God has entrusted to us and how investing can help you fulfill this responsibility.

•  Learn why God wants you to be an investor and where to look in your Bible to discover for yourself what God has revealed.

•  The single most important thing you must have to win in the stock market that you will never learn from your investment advisor or stock market expert.

•  How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes investors make that is killing their stock account.

•  The 3 things every investor MUST have to be successful in the stock market.

•  Are successful investors born or made?

•   Why you should study the Bible if you want to be a successful investor.

•   When is The Darkest Hour in The Stock Market?

•   A HUGE mistake most investors make when buying stocks that costs them the most money.

•   You don’t have to have a crystal ball or be prophet to make money in the stock market but you do need these 3 things.

•   The most important time to sell any stock.

•   You Will Discover Your Decision Maker DNA

•  Could Warren Buffet Be Wrong about timing the stock market?

•  Are you a Christian? Then you should know the 3 most important Bible verses to guide your investing, that will help you sleep well at night.

•   One deadly sin you must AVOID when investing!

•   The truth about what the Bible says about money and investing.

•  The amazing secret a successful investor discovered in the Bible that helps him Bulletproof his investments.

•   How faith can help you overcome fear in the stock market

•   The Ten Commandments of the Successful Investor

•   The real reason you should never paper trade and what you must do instead to become a successful investor.

•   How an investor should pray about the stock market.

•   The secret that is literally written in your DNA that you can use to profit in the stock market.

•   How to use Biblical Principles to invest in the stock market.

•   The stock market is risky, right? WRONG! Find out where the real risk is and how you can almost entirely eliminate it.

•   If you want to eliminate risk while investing, then you’ll want to pull out your Bible and understand this one key concept.

•   What your pastor doesn’t know about the connection between you, the Bible and the stock market and how it can help your family financially… forever.

•   The number 1 rule you must follow to be a successful investor.

•   How to avoid sabotaging yourself through your own human nature when investing.

•   How to find the best time to buy any stock and why your friends will think you’re crazy.

•   Is it possible and profitable to be a positive investor with maximum pessimism?

•   Why you must stay positive if you want to find the best opportunities in the stock market. They come during times of panic and pessimism.

•   Avoid the number 1 mistake most investors make that will bring painful losses.

•   How does the Triple Tank system help you invest when it comes to the market?

•   How to know when the big institutions are buying or selling stock.

•   How to know with certainty when we’re at the very –Darkest point in the stock market.

•   Why pattern recognition could be the most valuable skill you can develop when trading stocks.

•   Why you should never ignore the major stock market indexes when buying stocks.

•   The best way to uncover the trend of the market and how healthy it is.

•   Why you should get really excited when everyone else is negative, the news is bad and it seems like the sky is falling.

•   What you should know about the news on TV and why listening to it could be devastating to your success as an investor.

•   The best way to invest if you don’t have a bunch of time to spend each day.

•   The secret to making big gains in the market that 90% of professional investors do not know.

•   You can’t time the market, right? WRONG! Discover how the Triple Tank can help you time the market with laser like precision.

•   What your stock broker won’t tell you about investing that is killing your returns.

•   The three market Indexes you should be watching and the one you should avoid!

•   How the Triple Tank gives you a great advantage, understanding what it means and then pulling the trigger.

•   How to know what’s really happening in the market, regardless of what the news is saying…and how you can profit from it.

•   What to look for when researching a stock.

•   Why is it critical to be looking at what the professional traders and institutional investors are doing with their money and not following your neighbors?

•   How to know when you should be out of the market and on the sidelines.

•   How human nature can cause you to sell at the wrong time!

•   How to know exactly when you should buy and sell stocks, eliminating your risk and maximizing your profits.

•   How to profit from market declines (it has nothing to do with “shorting” the market.)

•   How to end your worry about buying stock at the right price.

•   Why you should never look for “penny stocks”.

•   Why you should never dollar cost average a declining stock and what you should do instead.

•  The leading indicator you should always consider when you take any position in the market.

•  The only two times when you should enter a trade.

•  When should you buy and when should you sell?

•   Why you should never add to a losing position.

•   How to recognize something is wrong with your stock and what you should do about it immediately.

•   Why price is almost irrelevant when buying a Triple Tank position.

•   How is the Triple Tank approach different than buy low, sell high?

•   The number one indicator identifying a great time to sell your position.

•   The seven characteristics of an investor who will not fail!

•   Who are the “Wise Men” in the stock market and where to find them.

•   The worst advice your investment advisor ever gave you and what you should never, ever do.

•   How to use God’s Word and biblical principles to handle fear, build your faith and increase your abilities as an investor.

•   The one question every Christian needs to answer to be a successful investor.

•   The single most important thing you need before engaging the stock market (No… it’s not money!)

•   If you want to go to bed at night and not worry about the market anymore then you must master this system.

•   The quickest and easiest way to know that this system is real and it works.

•   The single most important thing I did not understand when I started investing that most investment advisors never figure out!

•   The truth about your investment gains and taxes and the only time you should consider taxes when investing.

•   Ever wonder what a typical day is like for a successful stock market investor? I share what I do each day and how you can easily model my routine.

•   The truth about stock charts and how you can profit from them. My biggest secret, the one thing you must believe to be successful in the stock market.

•   The best investment I ever made and my hope for your life and future when you apply biblical principles to your investing.

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BONUS #1: A Digital Copy of “The Moses of Wall Street – The Biblical Investors Playbook”

The Moses of Wall Street shares with you the most important discovery and the most valuable tool Ron has encountered as a full-time investor over the past twenty years. As he reveals the foundation for his Triple Tank System, you’ll encounter a proven system unlike any other available today.
A system that will allow you to consistently win on Wall Street.

You will learn:

•   3 key terms that you must understand for trading the market.

•   When Follow-through rallies DO NOT fail.

•   What you really need to keep track of when looking at a chart. (And it’s not the stock price).

•   When you absolutely MUST NOT BE IN THE MARKET to avoid losing your money.

•   What a stock chart really represents, that the news will never tell you until after it’s too late!

BONUS #2: The Investor Mindset Audio Program

What’s inside the successful investor’s mind? In this audio, I’ll share how I believe a successful investor must think. Plus, you’ll discover how my faith and lessons I’ve learned from the Bible provide a rock-solid mindset for investing in the stock market. This audio was originally created just for my coaching program and is the first topic I share with my clients.

You will learn:

•   The timeless, foundational building blocks of the Bulletproof Investor mindset.

•   Why Ron believes the Bible is the single best book for investors.

•   How to invest like the good and faithful servant.

•   The rules you must follow to be successful in the stock market.

•   How to activate your investor mindset.

BONUS #3: Access to 3 4 of My Exclusive VIP Coaching Clients Training Videos.

You get to look over my shoulder and learn from me like we are sitting together at my desk! These videos will share with you my exclusive Triple Tank System and explain why it works so effectively. You will be viewing these same videos exact videos that I use to teach my VIP Coaching Clients.

You will learn:

•   The Triple Tank is the secret ingredient that will allow us to do what greats like Sir John Templeton and Warren Buffett do, which is to buy at exactly the right time.

•   This ingredient, the Triple Tank, is the biblical truth that provides a rock-solid foundation unique to the Bulletproof Investor Master Class. Get it right, and the potential for a loss practically vanishes, get this wrong, and you’ll be doomed before you have even begun.

•   What the T3 system is and what it is NOT!

•   The three types of Triple Tanks

•   How to buy at the EXACT right time

BONUS #4:  The Triple Tank Stocks Update Special Report

This Special Report will provide you with additional Triple Tank stocks occurring after the publication of this book. You’ll find these stocks look very similar to ones in the “Want Proof? The Triple Tank” chapter. They make for great models to study and learn from.

The “T3” Triple Tank System has a great track record of crushing the S&P, starting January 1, 2015 to June 12,2015, thirty three 33 T3 stocks in this report outperformed the S&P by a whopping 1517%, these stocks averaged a 27.59% return, while the S&P posted a 1.7% gain over the same time period.

PLUS, I am going to share my the exact tools I use when trading my own account and my favorite books for investors by giving you both my Personal Resource and Reading List!


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PLUS, I am going to share my the exact tools I use when trading my own account and my favorite books for investors by giving you both my Personal Resource and Reading List!

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