Conflicted? Here Are Reasons to Consider Investing

this reflects the truth when people consider investing

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They say investing isn’t simply beneficial, but it’s a necessity. Haven’t you thought about it? Now is the prime time to consider investing to reap tremendous rewards.

Succinctly, investing is a gamble.

It’s putting one’s money into something, say, stock markets, in hopes of generating a positive outcome which primarily means gaining more profit. People deploy capital toward a project and wait (and pray) for it to return two-fold or three. Metaphorically, people consider investing comparable to gardening, as it’s pretty similar to planting a seedling and hoping it will abundantly grow and bear fruits. The only difference is gardening is more procedural. It has its laid out, step-by-step process with proven effectivity while investing takes a more luck-based route.

Although investing is a gamble, given the market and business winds can be unexpected, it’s also a pretty convincing process. It can turn out to be high-risk, resulting in high rewards but with little to no effort from the investor. However, as tempting as the possible rewards are, surprisingly, not much has caught on to this trend. 2020 alone recorded only 55% of Americans investing in stocks, with the rest uninterested or unaware of such a process. But with the ever-changing tides in the investment field, it’s also a no-brainer why people remain divided.


The Ups and Downs of Investment

When people consider investing, they welcome running the risk of entirely losing their capital or earning low returns. It’s a high risk to run into, especially with the uncertainty the field provides. And as humans have uncertainty as their kryptonite, it would only be fair if they’d avoid investing.

Although most of it is guessing and wishful picking, deciding what market to invest in isn’t like choosing a meal from a foreign menu. It isn’t simply pointing at the most delectable-looking dish. Instead, it requires market knowledge, analytical skills, and emotional intelligence. As they say, investors weren’t born. They’re made, and it takes thorough practice to master or familiarize the craft.

The investment field is splayed on an ever-changing ground influenced by economic events, company performance, and even the public’s preference. To this, when people consider investing in a particular market, they’re also making moves attempting to predict its future.

Will it be popular later on for me to earn? Is there a chance the performance will decline?

Interested investors must be inclined to look into these data to ensure success. Investing in the right reasons and picking the correct positions maximizes victories in investing. Yes, as much as an investment is chiefly a gamble and a quick round of guessing games to the unfamiliar eyes. It also banks on knowledge and studying for those who take it seriously.

Saving money might be the safest way to stack cash. But investing provides a more substantial return, despite the stress and managing high risks.


If Not Now, Then When? Consider Investing Now!

Typically, all these risks and technical discussions are holding people back from investing. But if people have the money, then they can juggle the work. Truthfully, the best way to get the best returns and build ample financial strength is by starting the investment journey now. The earlier one starts, the more opportunities people will have to learn and unlearn effective or ineffective investing habits.

If people start investing now, they can receive three-fold what they’ve invested next year. It’s a risk, but it’s a risk worth taking. Compare it to the safer saving route; they will end up with the same amount next year.

Say, the investment decision failed; what happens?

Then, they can dust themselves up and do it again. Now they have more knowledge than before, increasing their chances. Using time as leverage, people won’t need massive money to start investing. A smaller amount over time has the potential to grow faster with compounding. Saving and investing both assist in wealth creation, though the former is safer than the latter. However, investment provides the advantage of compounding.


Beat Inflation

Another reason that might encourage people to consider investing is the concept of inflation. This refers to the increase of products’ price levels over time. If these prices continue to increase, money will likewise continuously buy less. This might be a disadvantage if people opt to set their money aside. How money is worth is unpredictable. What’s valuable now will be considered less over time. An excellent way to beat inflation is by putting this money in some platform that grows it.



Compounding refers to the compounding interest people earn on their invested money. Like how there’s an additional interest when people borrow money, investing also adds this same interest on top of people’s investment. Often labeled as “interest on interest,” compounding allows people’s money to multiply depending on the interest rate of return.


Lifestyle and Retirement

What’s the primary reason why people save money?

It’s to support their lifestyle when they stop working and retire from the job that feeds them. Although it sounds like heaven, leaving a job can be hell for those unprepared. They won’t only need to submit a letter making their decision clear. They must also have a large sum of money to support them until they find another job or decide to stop ultimately.

With investing early on, they will gather more when that time comes. Everybody wants to live peacefully, and absolutely nobody wants to work in their 70s – investing is the answer.

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