Investing With God in Mind: The Power of God’s Guidance

man stacking up coins investing with God in mind

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Investing with God in mind means that you’ll have to remember what God tells people about investing, which can be found in the scripture.

Ron Tank, author of The Moses of Wall Street, is here to help everyone make investments with God in their hearts. Some may think that God doesn’t want to do anything about financing, but you’ll be surprised at what the scripture says. The Bible has some verses that apply to everyday life, including investment strategies or tips.

With that said, let’s go ahead and take a look at some principles that will guide Christians in their investing journey!

Principle #1: Be Sure to Guard Your Heart

With our God-given emotions, we can appreciate life and its richness. However, they can also lead us to trouble if we are not careful. It’s the reason why the Bible, Proverbs 4:23, tells us to do.

Greed and fear are two emotions that often challenge them when making level-headed investment decisions. Although investors face a lot of risks, among the greatest hazards that prove to get in one’s way is allowing these emotions to dictate investing decisions.

It’s easy to be tempted to aggressively invest more than we should due to greed, especially when the market is still consistently growing. And when the market starts to dip, fear sets in and tempts us to run away and sell our investments. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to have God guide us throughout our investment endeavors.

Principle #2: Put Your Trust in God Forevermore

Psalm 20:7 mentions that people should always put their faith and trust in God. Nothing sets Christian investors apart from the rest is their undying trust in God, in both bad and good times.

For example, during the aftermath of the pandemic-fueled market crash in early 2020, it’s nice to see that Christian investors stood their ground (with their meditation, faith, and prayer) in the belief of God’s Word that it’ll get them through hard times. Investing with God in mind, similar to what Ron Tank does, is viewing things that God gives us life as an investment.

Principle #3: Know Your Role and Be Confident in It

Contrary to what our culture wants us to believe, things we own (like investment accounts, homes, and cars) are essential, which they are, but we should not cling too much to them. In Psalm 24:1-2, the Bible explains that we should remember that God is the one who owns everything.

Whenever we acknowledge God’s ownership of everything, it is the most important starting point for biblical money management. This makes it an extremely valuable starting point for investing in general. Our roles are managers or stewards of whatever God temporarily and generously entrusts to us.

With this truth in mind, choosing to invest funds only means that you are doing so for God and according to His principles and purposes.

Principle #4: Diversify Your Choices in Investments

The Bible wants us to diversify in the investments that we make. Ecclesiastes 11:2 tells us to divide our investments because we never know the risks that lie ahead.

Investing the entire portfolio in only one stock could prove to be a bad decision. If that stock experiences a bad year, you’re going to have a big problem. However, if you invest in multiple stocks (say 10 – 20 stocks), if one of these investments fails, you still have the power from your other investments.

A quick and simple way of diversifying your investment options is by investing in mutual funds. In simplicity, a mutual fund is a collection of money from many investors who are also invested in many stocks.

Principle #5: Seek Wise Counselors to Teach You Their Ways

The texts in the scripture advise us to seek out the opinions of professionals. Let’s be honest here. Financially investing of any kind is not a simple endeavor to take. Many are bound to flop, but with good counsel, God has given everyone the chance to be a successful investor.

Look for the likes of Ron Tank, an avid investor in the game and author of The Moses of Wall Street. If you’re thinking about investing with God in mind, then Ron is certainly the man of God you’re looking for.

Grab a copy of Ron Tank’s book today. Check out our other blogs, too, and learn how to apply biblical principles to saving and investing!